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About Us

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COGIC World Missions

The commission Christ gave was to make disciples of all nations. COGIC World Missions is a  student of Christ who heeded the call to be disciples - to learn of Him and to mature in the  Faith. Currently serving in 113 countries, COGIC World Missions, along with Presiding Bishop J. Drew Sheard leads the charge to expand their reach throughout the world and  within the Church of God in Christ. Vital concern for missions must be deeply rooted in the  fabric of the organization on the local, state and national levels. The objective of this auxiliary  is to bring awareness to every leader —- whether bishop, pastor, state mother or leader in  general — of the need for a renewed spirit of mission in our church. This can only be done  through increasing exposure to global challenges and presenting best practices on how the  church goes global — outlining pathways to alleviate poverty, injustice and inhumanity.  

Mission & Vision


Our Mission: To recruit, train, and deploy Spirit-Filled servants into all the world to meet the spiritual and  natural needs of humanity. 


Our Vision: Church of God in Christ World Missions is a movement of the love and compassion of Jesus  Christ.

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Meet Our Team

Our leaders lead the charge to expand
their reach throughout the world and
within the Church of God inChrist. 

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