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Disaster Relief

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God has blessed COGIC World Missions with a 25,000 square-foot warehouse through the generosity of Bishop Alphonso Denson and Louisiana East First Jurisdiction. As a national HUB we are responsible to participate in the organization and distribution of resources and responsibilities needed to prepare for and respond to a natural disaster or emergency. From this central location we can reach six (6) states by way of ground transportation, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, New Orleans, Florida, Arkansas, Texas. The CWM disaster center allows us to be more proactive and prepared for immediate response. Natural disasters or emergencies include but are not limited to hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, drought, severe winter weather, and pandemics/epidemics.

CWM Disaster Relief Past Accomplishments

  • 2019 Responded to Hurricane Dorian when it hit the Bahamas.

  • 2020 Responded to Hurricane Laura in Louisiana (Category 4)​

  • 2020 Responded to Hurricane Zeta in Louisiana (Category 3)


  • 2021 Responded to Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana (Category 4)

  • 2021 Responded to Texas winter freeze

  • 2021 CWM shipped $50,000 worth of building materials to Nassau Bahamas (Bishop Tony Hanna) for hurricane repairs​

  • 2022 CWM shipped a 20ft container of food and medicine that has been approved by the government to Cuba in support of our churches during this fiscal crisis due to the heavy embargo on the country. 

  • 2022 CWM is sent aid to Kentucky due to the flooding. 

  • 2022 CWM responded to Water Crisis in Jackson, MS.

  • 2023 CWM responded to Deadly Tornadoes in Northern Mississippi and Alabama.

CWM Disaster Relief Center Current Projects

Contact Information

COGIC World Missions
Disaster Relief Center
8930 Plank, Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70811

Director Pastor Lionel Sutton


Warehouse Manager 
Pastor Mike Silas

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