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Meet Our Team

Executive Team
Executive Staff

Meet Our Executive Team

Cogic World Missions_Team_Vice President Sideary Moody-King.png

Sideary Moody-King
Vice President


Cogic World Missions_Team_President Vicent Matthews.png

Bishop Vincent E. Mathews Jr.


Cogic World Missions_Team_Assistant Elect Supervisor Dr. Lee Van Zandt.png

Dr. Lee Van Zandt
Elect Lady Supervisor


Cogic World Missions_Team_Bishop Glenn R. Plummer.png

Bishop Glenn R. Plummer
Vice President


Cogic World Missions_Team_Dr. Fay M. Butler.png

Dr. Fay M. Butler
Vice President


Cogic World Missions_Team_Bishop Nate Jefferson.png

Bishop Nate Jefferson
Vice President


Meet Our Executive Staff

Cogic World Missions_Team_Operations Manager Philip Williams.png
Cogic World Missions_Team_Finance Manager Jeffrey Ye.png
Cogic World Missions_Team_Interim Communications Manager Missionary.png

Pastor Philip Williams 
Operations Manager


Brother Jeffery Ye
Finance Manager


Missionary Bianca Alexander
Communications Manager


Untitled design-7.png

Supervisor Chiquita Turner 
Executive Administrative Assistant

Cogic World Missions_Team_Administrative Assistant Jeremy Fountain.png

Brother Jeremy Fountain 
Administrative Assistant


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